Customer Journey

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

With the augmented reality (AR) magnifying glass, customers can playfully discover further offers surrounding a product.

The customer uses the mobile app (seamless integration) on his smartphone and starts the AR magnifying glass. By focusing the camera on the product, additional information appears – anchored directly to the product. Everything from text to audio and video to 3D animations can be shown. Integration with the back-end (e.g. to display the current price) or social media (link to facebook etc.) is also possible. The products are displayed in 3D and can be shown in different colors or even other variations.

AR Selfie: with the AR magnifying glass the customer can see himself with the virtually enhanced product and share pictures with his community.

The AR magnifying glass initially looks like a simple camera view. Once a product is focused on, the true potential can be discovered. Via modern image processing methods, the product is recognized and located in its position in the room. Using computer graphic technology, additional objects can be superimposed, in perspective.