“The Experience Store initiated by TAILORIT and Mavis shows how products can be properly staged. Thus, an emotional brand experience can be created,”

Slava Avetisean, Founder & Designer at HERRENSCHATZ.


Long-term experience in the areas of design, textiles, architecture and business inspired the founders to create the brand HERRENSCHATZ. The designers only create and produce what they live, and only share what they love. In the so-called HERRENSCHATZ Design Factory in a historic industrial hall in the center of Düsseldorf, truly unique pieces for men are designed – handmade, unparalleled and with an extremely high level of comfort. The HERRENSCHATZ Work & Leisure Wear is made for a strong man’s world – from products made from raw work denim, real leather, high-quality wool fabric, natural linen and cotton to heavy silver jewelry and robust footwear.

HERRENSCHATZ is much more than just fashion, rather, it is a life philosophy and an approach to life, that is expressed through our products. In the Experience Store this life philosophy is made tangible.