“Customers are looking for a unique experience online and offline. Technology is not the purpose here, but rather should contribute to intensifying and expanding experiences. Together with Mavis and TAILORIT we want to take a step towards the “retail of the future”, where the experience rather than the merchandise stands in the foreground.”

Florian Ellsässer, CEO Front Row Society.

Front Row Society

Front Row Society - The Artist Label is a fashion label that combines contemporary art with high-quality design.

The brand, which was founded in Berlin in 2011, stands for contemporary aesthetics in combination with sophisticated design. Each collection is created in collaboration with select artists. Unique pieces of art are translated to designs for high-quality accessories. The puristic aesthetic of the brand thus supports each individual piece and provides every outfit with a smart and unforced personality.

In the Experience Store, visitors are provided with a series of exceptional visual and tactile experiences. Front Row Society is committed to making design tangible and thus acknowledging the artist community (40,000 members worldwide).