"Today, a positive customer experience goes far beyond good consultation. By using intelligent app- and web-based applications, the customer can be personally addressed at home, in store or on the go. Customer Experience is the fundamental keyword when it comes to modern retailing practices. Our software draws on this idea and establishes playful, strategic and efficient connections between brands, retailers and end-consumers."

Ingo Hagemann, Managing Partner, Projekteins


Being a digital consultancy, Projekteins guides companies through all steps of digitalization: What does the customer do, where can he be found, how can he be reached? These questions guide us to identify and implement individual digital solutions for every company. Starting with conventional components such as the corporate website, online shop and app, through innovative applications and custom-made web-applications that accompany the customer in his everyday life, up to the use of modern AR- and VR-technology as well as Smart Data – we are looking for digital access to the customer and combine already existing potentials and data in modern integration solutions.

At the cash register, in the online shop, in the app or via e-mail marketing – customer data is everywhere. The problem: this data is too rarely used in a holistic and effective manner at multiple touchpoints simultaneously. Yet data that is collected at the POS, i.e. at the cash register, should ideally be used by apps, online shops, advertising and other touchpoints, in order to offer the optimal personal customer experience.

Projekteins has developed an app as well as a corresponding online shop for the Experience Store, which draws exactly on this point: customer data is gathered in such a manner that it can be used simultaneously and holistically for all touchpoints of the company. In other words: data that has once been gathered can be used simultaneously, profitably and for the benefit of a better customer experience, within apps, online shops, web applications or directly on-site in brick-and-mortar retail.