“We founded Phizzard in 2014, because we saw the digitalization of brick-and-mortar fashion retail as the basic pre-requisite for successful omni-channel retailing. Back then people in Ber-lin laughed at us, because like Oliver Samwer, many believed that brick-and-mortar retail was coming to an end. This makes it an even greater pleasure for us, as the pioneers of the intelli-gent fitting room, to drive on the digitalization of retail together with competent partners in Düsseldorf, the heart of German fashion retail.”

Peer Hohn, CEO Phizzard GmbH


Phizzard develops digital cross-channel solutions for retail. The pioneer for smart fitting rooms coined the by-now widespread term “retail 4.0”.

With the intelligent fitting room in the Experience Store, Phizzard demonstrates a solution that they developed first in order to drive digitalization in brick-and-mortar retail. As a full-service partner, the Berlin-based company dedicates itself to the development of additional tools for extended product counters, CRM at the POS, retail analytics and a seamless omni-channel system that combines the strengths of the brick-and-mortar retail with the opportunities of online retail. At the center of all its activities lies customer experience and the optimization of a cross-channel customer journey.