“The fashion retail market stands equally for innovation and trends. New ways to integrate offline and online in this fast-paced business inspire us.”

Till Müller, CEO Berlinproof GmbH.


Berlinproof is a creative agency from the heart of Berlin whose specialty is the creation of 360-degree depictions of interior spaces and connecting these with relevant content. Currently a special focus lies on the integration of brick-and-mortar retail with e-commerce. We offer our clients products that build a bridge between offline and online and help advance both business fields.

Berlinproof is fascinated by the idea of making places and products tangible through 360-degree depictions and linking these to content and e-commerce. We believe that our developments support the classic brick-and-mortar retailer in confirming its raison d'être and simultaneously help the retailer present itself in a captivating new way outside of the physical store.