“Particularly in the competitive fashion industry, customers demand personalized services and memorable shopping experiences. The experience store is the optimal possibility to demonstrate the interaction between leading retail solutions. Comprehensive advisory services spanning technologies across the entire customer journey are necessary for retailers to be able to achieve sustainable success.”

Tim Wegner, Founder & CEO.


MiNODES has made it their goal to supply brick-and-mortar retailers with the analytical possibilities of e-commerce and to thereby offer retailers a sound understanding of the behavior of their customers. This makes it possible for retailers to discover the strengths and weaknesses of their stores and their marketing measures and to set new milestones.

Together with DIEBOLD NIXDORF, MiNODES has developed a solution that enables retailers to provide even their anonymous customers with contours and to approach them both inside and outside of the store. The number of effective touchpoints increases significantly.

The customer stands at the center of the retail experience; thus, his data has never been as important as now: this data is the basis for personalized and thus value-creating communication between people and brands. For MiNODES this project is a central platform to make the innovative application possibilities of big data tangible for retailers and consumers and to accelerate progress in the retail industry.