"There is nothing better than experiencing something for yourself, which is why we love the TailorIT and Mavis Exp37 experience store! The technologies in the store manifest the gap between where most of the retail market is, and what could be offered to your customers today. We are very excited to have our CurveTips personal styling technology in store to demonstrate how in store conversations can drive long term omnichannel marketing."

Mike Rogero, CEO CurveTips


Clothing should help you look beautiful, not blah! CurveTips.AI is your personal stylist to keep you looking fantastic! CurveTips.AI is your private stylist. She makes you look good by finding clothes that flatter your unique shape. The CurveTips.AI fashion assistant robot finds clothes that best flatter your bodyshape so you’ll always look amazing! CurveTips let’s every woman have the luxury of a private stylist, with AI focused on finding the best clothes for her shape.

It used to be that sales assistants knew you and your preferences, even the items you had in your closet. They also knew the details of their clothes intimately as clothes were often made in the store. When shop assistants in that kind of shop suggest you would look great in something, it is a tip worth listening to! CurveTips brings this service to modern stores and ecommerce sites, with their tens or hundreds of thousands of items and customers. Our AI system analyzes both clothes and a shopper’s unique profile, to find clothing that flatters her bodyshape. We bring intelligence back to the shop floor.