“Mavis and TAILORIT stand for innovative solutions in fashion retail. Together the two unite forward-looking store construction concepts with process excellence. We are excited to participate in the Experience Store project, to show the possibilities of digital media at the PoS and to contemplate which concepts really make sense. The cooperation and exchange of ideas with other renowned companies is truly exciting.”

Martin Rebholz and Sven Ettl, CEOs of Mediativ AG.


Mediativ AG from Stuttgart has been operating successfully for many years as a full-service provider in the field of digital media. In addition to static in-store TV, which we have implemented for over 500 retailers in the sport and fashion industry, we are increasingly focusing on interactive touch systems. With these systems, products that take up a lot of place in store or require a lot of explanation can be directly displayed at the POS. Customers can look at the products in detail, check availability in store and even order online via the touchpoint. Moreover, Mediativ AG successfully operates a network of 10 LED video boards in prime locations in Germany and Austria, which are actively marketed.

Besides contributing general know-how, Mediativ is also contributing content to the project. In addition to functional hardware, it is crucial to have perfect content for digital signage projects, because in the end this is the only thing that the customer really perceives: the videos and the messages that are shown on the monitor or video wall. These must be interesting and varied, with a mix of information and entertainment.