“The unique expertise, the long-term experience and the great network of TAILORIT and Mavis are a strong foundation to finding the right solution for the individual customer journey and then implementing it. We are pleased to unite our digital marketing solutions with the communication and experience of TAILORIT and Mavis.”

Bastian Wolff, Executive Director HUENIQ.


Hueniq is a young provider of IT solutions for visual communication between product and consumer for retail companies and facility retail. With our solutions the retailer can connect its products in the store and in the web shop with a unique, interactive shop window system, and thus be available to consumers 24/7 at the PoS.

Hueniq is involved in this project in order to make the communication possibilities outside of the store tangible. The software and solution services implemented here are well-suited for fashion retailers who are striving to implement cutting-edge omni-channel processes.