Customer Journey



Moving-images and digital content can be used to attract attention, tell stories and create emotional brand experiences.

Additional information that is displayed in an appealing manner provides a true added-value for customers and aids the purchase decision.

Interactive 360° pictures enable customers to digitally “hold the product in their hands”. By providing detailed visual information and making it possible for customers to intensively interact with the product, the conversion rate is increased and returns are decreased.

Automatically transparent pictures are immediately available and can be optimally integrated in a variety of contexts, to achieve a more intense, more emotional and more immersive shopping experience.

Technical devices, such as screens in the store window or in-store, are just the basis to provide video footage.
The critical success factor is the high-quality production of customized content.

Via a central content management system, the content can be adapted to each channel with the touch of a button and in real-time.

Thus, advertising messages can be immediately adapted to changes in the external environment.