Voice Commerce

The whole world is talking about smart home technologies, about a new digital revolution through voice-controlled assistants such as Amazon Alexa with her individualized skills that can be used to control technical devices, to acquire information, for entertainment or for online shopping. While smart technologies are quickly gaining ground in our trusted homes, voice assistants in retail are still in pioneer modus. One of the first movers in this field is the Experience Store exp37 in Düsseldorf.

The potential of voice commerce is immense, ideas and implementation possibilities abundant. In the Experience Store exp37 in Düsseldorf, the exceptional capabilities of a retail voice assistant can be tested at the new touchpoint “voice commerce”. These capabilities include, for instance, basics such as directions in-store, information about offered services and information about the current collection. In addition, the voice assistant can provide fitting advice and perform cross-selling and up-selling, i.e. by offering product recommendations – a service which benefits both customers and sales assistants alike. In the future, even sales-supporting tools such as stock-checks via voice assistant will be the norm.

A huge revolution awaits us in voice commerce. The first move has been made, many will follow: visit the exp37 and experience for yourself the innovative touchpoint voice commerce!

Implemented by: Three-2-One

Photo: Voice Commerce in the exp37, ©exp37