Multi-media shelf

In the past it just listed the price and the product name. Today the shelf can do a lot more: the shelf is turning into a video-capable touchpoint and thus part of the promotional content for the customer – in connection with the “omni-channel marketing loop” even situational content, in real-time and fitting to the target group. Experience it now in the exp37!

Multi-media in-store advertising at the shelf

The multi-media shelf displays can be individually controlled (to display prices and/or product information, pictures, videos, etc.) or be connected to create scenic advertising messages. Thus, multi-media content from other channels can be re-used here. Just as with the well-known approaches to digital signage, these shelves also measurably improve the customer experience in-store – especially for higher-priced assortments.

However, the full advertising potential of this touchpoint is only reached in connection with the retailer’s own anonymous consumer knowledge (“user relationship management”) gathered from the omni-channel marketing loop. Recognizing anonymous consumers in front of the shelf, audience targeting in real-time (“at the moment of impulse”) and playing group-specific advertising messages directly at the shelf results in a much higher conversion rate in comparison to “non-target-group-specific” digital in-store advertising – and simultaneously creates a “wow effect” for the viewer.

Photo: Multi-media shelf

Implemented by: Diebold-Nixdorf & Minodes & Online Software