Study: Digitalization of Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Customers are no longer shopping in stores. They are becoming more mobile, more informed, and less loyal. Brick-and-mortar retailers are struggling immensely. Is digitalization an opportunity? TAILORIT found out in its study “How can digital touchpoints revive brick-and-mortar retail?”.

From intelligent fitting rooms to interactive shopping windows to virtual and augmented reality – digital touchpoints designed to enhance the shopping experience are abundant. The objective of the study was to identify which digital touchpoints are actually desired and accepted by consumers and how the expectations of consumers compare to the efforts of retailers.

We talked to consumers from across five generations – and the answer is clear: digital touchpoints must deliver an immediately recognizable added value and be intuitive to use. They must enhance the natural advantages of brick-and-mortar retail – such as the multisensory experience and personal customer service – or eliminate pain points along the customer journey.

In this study you’ll find out:
• Which digital touchpoints are most valued by consumers
• How different the perspective of retailers is
• Which paths retailers can take to create the optimal customer experience

The study “How can digital touchpoints revive brick-and-mortar retail?” can be downloaded at: