New in the exp37: Interact with the digital shopping window via smartphone

Attract attention, arouse interest, lure passersby into the store. These are the classic functions of a shop window. Today, however, interactive digital shopping windows make much more possible.

From the very beginning, the interactive digital shopping window has been an important part of the customer journey in the Experience Store exp37. In April 2018, the exp37 initiators, TAILORIT and Mavis, together with their new cooperation partner Fluur, installed a new solution: the NOWA interactive digital shopping window.

The principle: the customer operates the shopping window via his or her own smartphone. By entering a short URL or scanning a QR code, the passerby gains "remote control" over the shop window in the browser of his or her own smartphone. This means that without having to install an app, the passerby can easily control the on-screen content and thus browse through the product catalogue, call up product information, or even purchase products directly in the online shop. This offers a completely new kind of shopping experience - convenient and uncomplicated on one’s own device.

Thus, passersby are converted into customers - even after closing time!