Intelligent Mirror

Brick-and-mortar retail has one unique advantage that you won’t find in e-commerce: personal service from human to human.

The fitting room lies at the heart of the customer journey in-store. But what happens if an item doesn’t fit and no sales assistant is in sight? No problem! In the smart fitting room by Phizzard the customer can easily order the fitting article without even leaving the stall. The sales assistant is informed of a customer’s requests via mobile device, whether it be a different size, cross-selling products or even an entire outfit. The customer receives holistic service and exactly the right products directly in the fitting room. Moreover, the customer has the opportunity to rate the product fit. With the help of this big data, the information can be used for online as well as offline customers. Thus, customers receive real customer reviews about the fit.

Via the virtual extension of the product counter, the entire assortment of the retailer, the store network and the supplier is connected to the fitting room. In addition to detailed product information and fitting recommendations, the customer also receives information about delivery possibilities. The purchase can easily be delivered to the customer’s home. The combination of intelligent service (incl. recommendations, product information and availability) through the smart fitting room with personal, emotional service through the sales assistant creates perfect customer service. Customers can complete the purchase in the smart fitting room, sales staff can complete their tasks more efficiently and deliberately. A win-win situation for everyone – that’s how you increase customer satisfaction and revenues!

Implemented by: Phizzard

Photo: Intelligent Mirror in the exp37, ©exp37