Scent Marketing

Scent is becoming an essential element of the marketing mix, also in the Experience Store exp37.

Studies prove that, following sight, purchase decisions are influenced by the senses smell, sound and touch – in precisely that order.

As a result, scent marketing is increasingly being used by retailers as an integral element of the marketing mix. Scent directly affects the limbic system, the control center in the brain for memory and emotions, and can thus positively impact a purchase decision.

The exp37 showcases an innovative product that uses a dry diffusion process (fragrance particles are dispersed in the air without liquid particles) and thereby guarantees the tolerance and operational reliability of the dispersed fragrances.

The technology implemented in the exp37:

The new element scent further strengthens the brand identity of the exp37 and also increases brand recognition, all with the goal of increasing customer loyalty.

Implemented by: Smart Electronic Components

Photo: Scent Marketing in the Experience Store, ©exp37