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exp37 stands for the seamless integration of the high-street shopping experience with customer-oriented online services.

In the Experience Store exp37 in Düsseldorf you will experience an innovative, holistic no-line commerce concept. Together, the creative and communication agency Mavis and consulting specialist TAILORIT, as well as several renowned partners, demonstrate an exceptional shopping experience at the POS.

The exp37 offers brands and retailers guidance for their digital transformation, with the goal of securing customer loyalty and increasing long-term revenues. We believe in brick-and-mortar retailers because the customer’s encounter with a brand – the multi-sensory experience – is the distinguishing feature of these retailers.

About exp37

“Digital Transformation”, an almost over-used term, which is, however, increasingly gaining relevance and significance. The core question for all retailers is: how can I manage to remain relevant to my customers, in order to maximize customer loyalty? Without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges in this context is the integration of offline and online retail. Innovative services and solutions, as shown in the exp37, can provide true added-value for both end-consumers and retailers.

The goal of digital integration is to combine the strengths of brick-and-mortar retail with useful online services. Brands and retailers hereby have the task of adapting their business model to achieve long-term success. The integration of multiple sales channels has immense potential, provided one can find the right solutions. exp37 showcases a holistic customer journey, which encompasses several touch points and services.


The Customer Experience is influenced by two factors, which must be optimally coordinated with one another in order to create the desired impact.

The first factor is “customer touchpoints”, i.e. digital or physical applications where the customer interacts directly with the product or the brand.

The second factor is “operational excellence” applications. Retailers and store employees use these applications and the collected data to create more efficient processes and improve the performance of touchpoints, in order to thereby improve service quality, maximize cross-selling and up-selling potential as well as optimize the flow of merchandise.

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TAILORIT is the consulting specialist for the particular needs of the fashion and lifestyle industry, offering independent, efficient and performance-oriented advice to production and retail enterprises. The customer-focused cross-channel alignment of all processes, structures and touchpoints, as well as the digital transformation are the core competencies of the experienced consulting team.

The result is promptly implementable strategies and solutions based on current best practices, trends and innovations, with which the industry’s two key strategic goals can be achieved: Operational Excellence and Shopping Experience. www.tailorit.de/en

Mavis – Solutions in Brand and Retail Design – is the industry specialist for retailers and full service generalist from strategic consulting to creation and design to implementation and success measurement. Mavis translates brands into physical spaces, portrays and communicates products physically as well as digitally and generates demand through differentiation and experience.

The own international trend blog Visual Mavis World provides inspiration and current trends focused around the topic of visual merchandising. The Visual Mavis World regularly reports from all major fashion metropolises around the world with background information from local trend scouts in the fields of window-, retail- and interior design as well as on the number 1 topic digitalization.

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